Our Team

Timothy Adams

Network Engineer / Programmer

Tim has over 30 years’ experience working in the Electronics and Information Technology sector.  He spent time as an IT manager for a large corporation and IT Director in education along with many years doing consulting for small businesses.  During that time he has managed many different technologies including Corvus, Nestar and Novell networking systems in the early days to modern Linux and Microsoft servers today.  He has written programs in many different languages over the years (Z80 Assembly, Pascal, Cobol, C, Basic) and today usually is writing programs in Cold Fusion, Perl, SQL or PHP for web sites.  Tim enjoys finding ways to apply technology to achieve business  success.

James Bennett

Project Manager / Network Administrator / Programmer

Jim has 30+ years of experience in the Information Management Technology arena as well as 20+ years in corporate management and operations with two well-known large restaurant chains. He has provided consulting services for many small businesses in Southern California helping them plan and manage their IT infrastructure. He is knowledgeable in most Microsoft Operating systems, databases, productivity suites, security software, Microsoft Server Operating systems and a host of hardware. Jim has also taught advanced web page design and Dreamweaver in the early years of the worldwide web at a Southern California community college as an adjunct instructor. Jim is continually enhancing his expertise in technology and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems Management from San Francisco State University in Fall of 2015.

Michael Likens

Creative Director / Graphic Designer

Michael has over 20 years of graphic design and branding experience, ranging from hands-on experience in print shops to working with the latest software to develop compelling websites and other marketing solutions. Michael oversees all aspects of design and production, and is relentless in his pursuit of excellence by demanding that high standards are met on every single project.  Michael has a degree in graphic design and is certified in website development and interactive design.